Linux Kernel observability made fun, creative and easy.

eBPF is a new technology created for Linux which allows executing programs inside the Kernel without requiring code change or extra deployment while bpftrace is a tool and language that allows interacting with Linux Kernel and Driver interfaces.

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The Distributed Linux of the Cloud.

“Customers don’t want to buy new machines every year, they want to reconfigure it.” [Chuck McManis]

I expect to see other Big Data AI/ML project to embrace Kubernetes to scale their workloads.” [Chris Aniszczyk]

Mainstream technologies hardly ever hang together with high-end up to date research, usually the latter comes first, stay behind the scenes for long periods, even decades up to the day someone find something useful for it. Containers isn’t different, the concepts were born with IBM mainframes adding partition isolation so multiple companies and agencies could share the same expensive hardware; years later Solaris Zones were created so customer could reuse the same hardware for several applications in a low-cost operation process, without need to format or reconfigure the whole OS every time a change was needed. Docker came to give simplicity and Kubernetes added on top of it enterprise grade features for a high scalable production scenario, transforming what was a MAY for a few customer into a MUST on nowadays multi-tenant platforms supposed to handle millions or billions of users.

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